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The Basics: Developed specifically for use with the airbrush, this silicone-based formula goes on like make-up – rather than paint – to create sheer, beautiful coverage with a dewy appearance. Works seamlessly with any MUD cosmetic product. Choose from 22 shades, many of which have been formulated to exactly match certain MUD Cream Foundations, Cheek Colors, Highlights and Shadows. Also includes six colors for extra versatility when mixing and color-matching.

Color Theory: 

  • A medium olive-beige color
  • Suitable for medium, warm olive skin tones
  • Formulated to exactly match MUD Cream Foundation shade CB4

Quick Study:

  • Colors can be used alone or blended with any of the other airbrush colors
  • Ideal for use with any MUD Cosmetics product
  • Always shake well before use

Tool School:

  • Ideal for use with a double-action airbrush
  • Hold the airbrush so that the tip of the forefinger rests on the button that activates the airflow
  • Press down on the button to start air flowing through the brush
  • Pull back on the button to start the flow of make-up
  • The size of the spray pattern will vary, depending upon the distance from the tip of the airbrush to the face
  • Air pressure should be set from seven to twelve pounds, depending upon the color being used

net wt .50 oz/14ml bottle

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